The wine cellar, built entirely with green building materials, was designed by the well-known architect Sergio Scienza, creator of many important wine cellars in Bolgheri (Tuscany), at La Morra (Piedmont) and at Caldaro (Trentino Alto Adige). The furnishings and interior fittings, created by interior designer Giorgio Balestri, stand out for their modernity and sobriety, making the premises elegant and welcoming.


A project that was created to conceptually unite the elements that have always distinguished our way of understanding wine: “Territory, Nature, People”.
To these elements we could only add another one, as “emerged from the earth” and which enhances and emphasises the spiritual aspect of the others: Art.

This is where Tonelli’s Humanitas comes into play, the friend and guardian of this eternal message, who evokes with his creation the atavistic bond between the vine and man, between wine and its eternal rebirth, which accompanies and sustains him, giving him lightness and euphoria and reason for joy.”


“My idea for the Nuti brothers’ Barriccaia is inspired by the dream of wine and its gestation. I intuited it with my eyes closed, turning thought into vibration. The large planet rising in the central wall is that of our Humanity, it is almost filled with faces, motionless and with eyes closed. Like the author, they too are mute and silent, returning the creative vibration. It is the symbol of the man who looks inside himself and feels his infinite expansion in the mystery, and is in the now and the beyond: simultaneously.

On the two large walls a cosmic dance guards the planet and the sleeping barrels. Around the six dancing figures, drawn like imaginary constellations, move small, industrious beings navigating boundless spaces and fish-shaped monads, like invisible units in perpetual transit between one life and another. It is a homage, ancient and contemporary, to the Etruscans who inhabited these places, this valley, this peaceful landscape.”

“Territory, Nature, Men and Art:
from this born our…

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