The Nuti family purchased a small plot of land at the end of the 19th century, in the locality of “La Regola” in the municipality of Riparbella (a place-name found in the maps of the land register of Florence in 1700), to cultivate a little oil and some genuine wine for family consumption.

From the small wine cellar under the house, which was called “cillieri”, the first production of the “La Regola” wine cellar was born, in an “elongated” version of genuine, drinkable wine that numbered no less than 30 demijohns.


After three generations – from great-grandfather Corrado, to grandfather Nilo and father Rolando – in 1990 Luca, the eldest son, graduated in Agronomy and decided to transform the small family wine production into a structured winery, and began planting more vineyards and marketing the first bottles. It is to him that we owe the care of the vineyards and the control of the processes in order to obtain more and more natural and recognisable wines of particular value.


Since 2000, Flavio, a lawyer with a master’s degree in business economics and an expert sommelier, has also joined his brother Luca and looks after administration, marketing and commercial relations, also with foreign countries.
It was his idea to conceive the new wine cellar not only as a traditional environment for the vinification and processing of wines, according to the tradition of the area, but as a place that also gives space to the creative aspect of man, which is no less important than wine, or to culture, of which art is the most tangible expression through events, exhibitions, concerts and conferences. Hence the involvement of artist Stefano Tonelli in the A REGOLA D’ARTE project.


Today, the 5th generation has been added with Valentino, who has been working as the company’s winemaker since 2018, Nicolò and Vittoria.

“Territory, Nature, Men and Art:
from this born our…

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