Katarina Andersson: Cru La Regola – Celebrating 20 Years Of Wine Style Innovation

What better way to chase away the winter and welcome the spring than going to Bolgheri and Podere La Regola for a 20-year anniversary of their Cru La Regola, right?

The winter has been tough this year, it has been very cold and it feels like you drag around on a running nose, cold, and fever since December. In early March, the fever hit me again and I was bedridden for several days. Therefore, it was all the more like a boost of energy to be in Bolgheri on the first true days of spring some week ago.

So, while the spring arrived suddenly on March 8th, International Women’s Day, so did also the national train strike here in Italy. LOL I was supposed to take the train to Cecina and then be picked up from there. In the end, we got our ‘personal’ driver who came to get us directly in Florence at the train station…read the article

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